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Business Owners Package

A Business Owners Package or BOP policy is designed to offer businesses most of the insurance coverage they need in one convenient product by combining liability and property coverages together. This provides not only a cost savings to the client, but also coverage enhancements above a standard commercial package policy. For example BOP policies include business interruption insurance on an actual loss sustained basis. This is a coverage that when purchased separately on a standard commercial package policy is sometime too cost prohibitive for businesses.

The BOP policy was originally created by the insurance industry to meet the needs of smaller businesses. However, in recent years this policy has expanded its reach to now include medium to large businesses. To see if your business qualifies for a BOP please contact our office today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings and coverage offerings.

In a single, convenient package, a BOP provides the core insurance that most small businesses need, including:

  • Property Insurance—Protection for your building or office space, as well as property owned by your business, such as equipment and inventory.
  • Liability Insurance—Coverage for costs that arise if someone is injured at your business or by using your products or services.
  • Business Interruption Insurance—Also known as Business Income insurance, this coverage replaces lost revenues in the event that your business has to shut down due to fire, wind damage or other covered losses.

To see if a Business Owners Package is right for, you please contact our office today!